2nd generation Changan CS75 Plus SUV revealed with a bolder and more appealing design

16 Nov 2021

The 2nd generation Changan CS75 Plus has a more appealing design than the current model, but will still have an attractive starting price.

Year’s end is an exciting period in the car market in many parts of the world, when manufacturers constantly announce upgrades and new models for the following year. The same is true in the Chinese market. Recently, car manufacturer Changan has announced the official image of the 2nd generation CS75 Plus SUV, ready for sale in early 2022. This new model has a bold and powerful design, a whale jaw-shaped grille. Above which is a wide lightbar that creates the feeling of connected headlights.

It is worth noting that Changan introduced the CS75 Plus’ name for the first time in 2019. As the name suggests, it is a more advanced version of the standard CS75 model. However, this CS75 Plus 2022 is more like a stand-alone than a variant of the CS75, with its own design language, as well as high and low versions. In terms of dimensions, numbers stand at 4,670 x 1,865 x 1,700 mm, and it has a wheelbase of 2,710 mm.

The front design looks bold but not too sporty. However, the rear of the car is a bit counterintuitive when it comes to giving a sense of speed thanks to the spoiler above the window with integrated lights in the middle, a fake diffuser with F1 racing fog lamp, and 4 huge exhaust pipes.

According to the manufacturer, the 2nd generation Changan CS75 Plus will have two engine options: a 1.5-liter turbocharger with 178 hp and 265 Nm of torque, and a 2.0-liter turbocharged with 233 hp and 360 Nm of maximum torque. The turbocharged 1.5 engine will be paired with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission (ATM), while the 2.0 turbocharged engine will be paired with an 8-speed ATM from Aisin, a current Japanese auto parts manufacturer. This brand is highly popular among Chinese car companies.

The interior of the car is rather luxurious for the segment, with many high-quality leather materials on the seats and dashboard. The 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel on the car is a sports-style flat bottom, while the design of the gear lever is inspired by yachts.

The dashboard is dominated by a pair of connected 12.3-inch screens, one for the digital dashboard and the other for the infotainment system. The new infotainment will feature popular Chinese apps like WeChat, Baidu Maps, and Baidu CarLife.

Changan CS75 Plus 2022 will have its first public debut at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show taking place later this month. Its selling price is expected to start at about 120,000 yuan, equivalent to 425 million, an affordable amount for a new, beautifully designed SUV.

Source: tinxe.vn

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