22 Sep 2020

The purpose of this complex will not only provide a supply source for TC Motor’s current automobile production and business activities, but also aim to export to regional markets.

Two days after the commencement of the second assembly plant in Ninh Binh, today (September 22, 2020) Thanh Cong Group continues to groundbreakingly invest in a project to build Thanh Cong Viet Hung Auto Supporting Industry Complex in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh. This complex is built on a total area of 340 hectares with a strategic location, located right on the banks of Cua Luc bay, convenient for both domestic and international trades; the future of the complex will be the place to attract and regulate companies in the automotive supporting industry that are manufacturing components and spare parts, especially those with advanced technology. This will easily create collaborations, linkages and specialization among businesses in the industry.

At the same time, the Complex’s products will not only supply the current auto production and business activities of Thanh Cong Group, but also aim to export to regional and international markets. This is also the reason why Thanh Cong Group chose Quang Ninh province, as it can be considered an important gateway for economic trades between provinces and cities of Vietnam and the ASEAN free trade area, very favorable for the development of automobile supporting industries.

The establishment of an industrial complex to support cars is necessary for TC Motor because as expected, the second Hyundai car assembly plant of Thanh Cong Group in Ninh Binh (HTMV 2) is expected to have twice the annual capacity compared to the first, up to 100,000 units/year, bringing the total production and assembly capacity of Hyundai cars in Vietnam to over 170,000 units annually.


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