After the CB200X in India, Honda launches Adventure XRE300

24 Aug 2021

Honda has launched another small-sized Adventure model called Honda XRE300 with a hybrid design between CRF Rally and XR150.

Recently, Japanese automaker Honda has just launched the latest Adventure model called XRE300 after their release of CB200X in India. Accordingly, the new Adventure model XRE300 will be exclusive for some markets such as Brazil, the Philippines, and Nepal only.

As can be seen in the design, this is another small-sized Honda Adventure model, but not the successor of Honda CB500X like the 200 version in India. This will be a more multi-terrain vehicle with an appearance quite similar to the Honda CRF250 Rally previously launched. The bike has a slim, tall, and fully equipped appearance such as a short windshield, a high handlebar, a thick lightweight multi-layered saddle.

In terms of power, Honda ZRE300 is equipped with a single-cylinder DOHC engine block with a capacity of 291.6cc,  producing a maximum capacity of 25.4 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 27 Nm at 6,000 rpm using a 5-speed manual gearbox.

As a new multi-purpose vehicle, the XRE 300 is equipped with compact LED headlights, a digital display, and a pair of Enduro locomotive-like spokes with 21-inch front rim and 18-inch rear rim. However, being placed in the low-priced segment, this small Adventure model has not been equipped with Up-side Down reverse forks like the model in India. The total weight of the motorbike is announced at 148kg.

Currently, the price of this latest Adventure model has not been announced by Honda Brazil. According to predictions, the selling price of Honda XRE 300 in the Brazilian market will be approximately 40 million VND.


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