All-new Yamaha Fino 125 scooter coming soon

23 Nov 2021

All-new small-sized scooter model Yamaha Fino 125 is said to be preparing to launch in Southeast Asia, catching up with the trend of fashionable scooters for young people.

Recently in Indonesia, there is information that a completely new scooter code “JSE AT” was leaked. According to the analysis of motorbike experts, the letter AT after the code means “Automatic Transmission”.

According to JSE AT analysts, it is likely that it is Yamaha Fino will have a completely new makeover.

It is rumored that the model will have a chassis that employs 12-inch rims. Furthermore, it has the equivalent rims of rival Honda Scoopy-i. There is also an opinion that the new Fino 125 this time will have a larger storage compartment underneath the saddle.

Not only that, the all-new Yamaha Fino 125 is expected to be equipped with an engine similar to the one on the Freego and Grand Filano. If the analysis is true, once the Yamaha Fino 125 once released will have remarkable competitiveness in the segment.


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