Ariic Chinf 318 to compete well against Japanese models

21 Sep 2021

With a range of technology and affordable price, China’s Ariic Chinf 318 proves itself to be competitive among Japanese models.

China Motor Show 2021 is an occasion when manufacturers gather to display strength. In which, technology-oriented products are always the most sought after. Ariic Chinf 318 is one of them.

With the typical design of a maxi-scooter, Ariic Chinf 318 is said to be a potential rival of Honda Forza and Yamaha NMAX. The front mask seems to be inspired by the designs of robots from sci-fi movies, bringing sharpness and strength. Meanwhile, the lines on the bike adds sportiness with beautiful color schemes. The 2-level saddle bringw comfort to both the rider and the rear passengers.

Not only detailed in design, but the equipment on Ariic Chinf 318 is also among the most modern. The entire lighting system uses LED technology. Displaying information is a set of 3 gauges. Two are analog clusters, and an LCD color display located in between. In addition, Ariic Chinf 318 also has a dashcam placed on the front mask to help record the user’s journey.

The Chinese model is also equipped with double disc brakes for both front and rear wheels with 2 pistons for each brake disc, all of which are Bosch brands to bring safety to users during operation. The model comes with an automatic engine shutdown system either when the vehicle tips. When an accident occurs, the SOS feature will activate to play a sound to warn passersby. SMART KEY with a range of utilities and impressive anti-theft capabilities is available.

In terms of power, the bike employs a single-cylinder 300cc engine, producing a maximum capacity of 23.79 horsepower at 8000 rpm and maximum torque of 25Nm at 5000 rpm. The bike is also quite fuel-efficient with its fuel consumption being 33.3 km/liter. Fuel tank capacity stands at 13 liters.

The selling price of Ariic Chinf 318 is extremely competitive at only 25,800 yuan, equivalent to 91 million VND. This model will certainly a great rival to the likes of Forza or NMAX.


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