Audi focuses on developing electric cars, stopping production of gasoline cars from 2033

31 Dec 2022

According to the long-term plan Audi recently announced, the brand will only launch new electric models from 2026, gradually stopping production of internal combustion engine cars from 2033 and completely become an electric car company.

At the same time, plans reveal a complete conversion of their factories to producing electric cars from 2029. To date, the Böllinger Höfe plant in Germany and Brussels in Belgium have completed this shift.

Over the next six years, other Audi plants including Neckarsulm in Germany, San Jose Chiapa in Mexico, and Gyor in Hungary will also make the switch to pure electric vehicle production. In addition, Audi is also building a number of new factories in areas where more production capacity is needed. One of which is a joint venture factory with FAW in Changchun, China, expected to be inaugurated in 2024.

In addition, Audi also pays special attention to the training of human resources in line with the company’s major changes. The investment of 500 million Euro in 2025 is a breakthrough in training workers for electric vehicle production in the future.

The Ingolstadt-based automaker has previously committed to producing 20 all-electric models globally by 2025 and is expected to sell 7 million vehicles by 2030. All of Audi’s electric vehicles will be powered by PPE platform that it co-developed with Porsche.



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