Being offered in Vietnam, BMW M5 CS as customer dissatisfaction because of the big gap in prices

29 Jan 2021

M5 CS – the fastest and strongest BMW in the history is being fiercely criticized due to the unbelievable price gap in the big market.

BMV M5 CS has become a hot topic in less than 24 hours after its global launch, but not by way the Bavarian brand expected. Indeed, the parameters of the sports sedan are extremely impressive, whether in terms of capacity at 626 HP or acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h at 2.9 seconds, but what makes customers unhappy is the selling price which is considered to be unjustified and inappropriate.

In detail, the price of BMW M5 CS in Europe is more expensive than in America. The reference price accompanying the launch announcement of the M5 CS confirms that the car price in France starts at 199,000 Euros (about 5.6 billion VND) while in Germany it is 180,400 euros (about 5 billion VND) – which is already the big gap.

However, North American customers only have to spend a minimum of 117,000 euros (about 3.2 billion VND) to buy the M5 CS – even more than half of the amount French customers have to spend.

The gap is unreasonable because the parameters of the 2 version French / German and North American are similar (at least at the present). In addition, the price of M5 did not have the big gaps before (M5 in Europe has the initial price approximately 111.000 USD while the price in America is 103.500 USD).

Customers can order cars in America then transport to Europe. This way may cost less than buy M5 CS directly in some Europe countries.

At the moment, BMV is temporarily silent at a request for explanation from customers.


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