18 Aug 2020

The cruiser BMW R18 model will launch in India in September. The bike is equipped with a 1,802 cc engine, with a capacity of 91 HP and 157.2 Nm in torque.

BMW Motorrad India will launch its largest cruiser model – the BMW R18. The bike will be released in September this year, the selling price will be announced at the time of launch. However, for the time being, buyers can make an advance deposit of 100,000 rupees ($ 1,460).

The bike was developed from the BMW R18 Concept first appeared at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in 2019. The bare design remains the same on the commercial version, in addition to being inspired by the Classic model, this design also helps the bike to show off the beauty of its parts.

LED headlights and turn signals employs a modern aesthetic. However, the classic features are still promoted such as the design of round headlights, analog dials, …

BMW R18 has 2 versions including Standard and First Edition. The cruiser model is equipped with a 1,802 cc boxer engine, air-cooled, with a capacity of only 91HP.

The torque of the R18 proves impressive at 157.2 Nm. With this large engine block, the bike is completely capable of conquering long distances for many hours.

The BMW R18 First Edition bears a special appearance. Details of decoration are chrome plated, blackstorm metal paint. Some identifiable points on the First Edition include the copper mark on the fuel tank, screws are also painted copper.

In addition to being upgraded in terms of aesthetics, the BMW R18 First Edition also comes with modern features such as hill start assist, heated steering wheel, cornering headlights, whereas the Standard version does not have these features.


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