BMW releases unique concept of model XM

03 Dec 2021

BMW XM is the concept of a full-sized SUV with futuristic hybrid transmission and design.

BMW trình làng mẫu xe ý tưởng XM độc đáo hao hao giống xe Việt - 1

At its launch, the BMW XM will be the first M-model SUV after nearly 50 years. BMW launched the Concept XM to give fans and customers a vision of what the high-performance X SUVs will look like in the future.

In addition to this concept, BMW also confirmed that the commercial version of the XM will be released by the end of 2022 with designs that have been streamlined to be more suitable for commercial use. Units are expected to be assembled at their plant in Spartanburg, North Carolina, USA.

Outside, the BMW XM has a sporty angular design, featuring the typical large-sized BMW ‘kidney’ grille. On the two sides are two-story lighting clusters with LED daytime running lights, separate from the main lights. Underneath are the angular air vents and splitter; the hood has two embossed ribs connecting from the grille.

BMW trình làng mẫu xe ý tưởng XM độc đáo hao hao giống xe Việt - 4

Overall, the car is designed quite high with the hood swiping backwards. Interestingly, the windows are quite small. Wheel arches are separated with a square design and extend outward, similar to the sporty BMW M cars. On this concept, BMW XM uses 23-inch wheels.

BMW trình làng mẫu xe ý tưởng XM độc đáo hao hao giống xe Việt - 3

The hood has a built-in LED lighting kit, along with a paint color that contrasts with the body. Its A-pillar has an angle that is not too inclined, painted in black to give the car a sporty appearance. At the rear, the hood has an impressive folding design, and below is a slim line of taillights. The exhaust cluster is heightened with a pair of uniquely designed exhaust pipes.

BMW trình làng mẫu xe ý tưởng XM độc đáo hao hao giống xe Việt - 5

Contrary to the aggressive and sporty appearance, the cockpit of the BMW XM is luxuriously designed by the German automaker and uses high-class materials. Instead of having options like Alcantara material, body-hugging seats, or carbon fiber, the BMW XM has a wood-paneled cockpit with special wood grain, combined with copper and carbon fiber lines. Seats, steering wheel, dashboard and many other positions are upholstered in classic brown leather, contrasting with blue leather details. Meanwhile, the ceiling is designed with folding motifs, capable of glowing independently of the backlight color in the dark. BMW equips the car with an entertainment screen system combined with an array of electronic dashboards, using the 8th generation iDrive technology. However, the round navigation knob and the old design gear lever are still present on the current version of this concept.

BMW did not disclose details about the powertrain, but still gave some basic information. The car will use a V8 engine with an electric motor, generating a maximum capacity of 750 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque. This allows the car to accelerate from a stationary position to 96 km/h in 3 seconds. In fully electric mode, the car can go 80km according to WLTP European standards, and 48 km according to American standards.

BMW XM will be launched commercially at the end of next year with detailed specifications as well as pricing. With this model, BMW targets the segment of high-performance SUVs against Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga Speed, Audi RS Q8 or Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT. In this segment, the selling price of BMW XM commercial version will not be less than 150,000 USD, equivalent to over 3.4 billion VND.


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