BMW to discontinue the X4

19 Sep 2022

BMW’s new Neue Klasse electric vehicle platform will be available in 2025, and it is likely a new product will replace the current X4.

BMW X4 thế hệ hiện hành phiên bản M40i. Ảnh: BMW

The X4 – a model still known as SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) – is a fastback version of the X3 and has been in production since 2014. The second generation of X4 has also been available since 2019 and selling well in many markets around the world.

However, sources suggest that the company’s leaders seem to be uncertain about the sales future to be able to give the green light for the third generation of X4’s internal combustion engine.

BMW’s original plans were to sell both the internal combustion engine and the electric versions of the X4. The internal combustion engine crossover will be based on an upgraded version of the current CLAR platform, while the electric version uses Neue Klasse platform. This is also possible with series 3 and X3, allowing BMW to offer both engine options at the same time.

But for now, it seems that only the electric version of the iX4 will hit the market, expected in 2026 – a year after the company launched the first models using the Neue Klasse. Among them is the i3 – an electric version of the 3 series and aimed at rivaling Tesla Model 3, as well as iX3.

Unlike many other premium brands that are betting heavily on electric cars with the abandonment of petrol and diesel cars by the end of the decade, BMW is acting more cautiously. The company is committed to 50% of vehicles sold by 2030 are electric vehicles, which means there is plenty of space for gas-based models. However, this space does not seem to be enough for the X4.



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