Brand-new Honda Wave 125i launched, priced at 33.8 million VND

12 Oct 2022

The all-new model Honda Wave 125i is super fuel-efficient at 71.4 km/liter and has a suggested price from 33.8 million VND.

Honda Wave 125i hoàn toàn mới trình làng, giá 33,8 triệu đồng - 1

Wave 125i is expected to be that which affirms Honda’s quality identity and continues to maintain its position as the leading cub model in Thailand.

The model has a sporty design, with new chassis materials and body connection techniques that make it more supple, lighter, more controllable, and more agile than its previous version. The in-vehicle LCD Multi Meter is a new edition featuring an elegant and modular design.

Honda Wave 125i hoàn toàn mới trình làng, giá 33,8 triệu đồng - 3

Meanwhile, rear lights are also new with a sleek X-shaped look. The model’s headlight is LED, in harmony with the design of the instrument cluster. There is a new front storage compartment, with multi-function and easy-to-use storage compartment. Suspension system includes front and rear forks that can absorb shock well, helping to maintain better balance on the road.

Under the seat of the new Wave 125i is a spacious storage box designed in the form of an XL-sized U-Box with a capacity of 17 liters, fitting a full-face helmet. Fuel tank capacity is 5.4 liters, helping the bike to run long distances continuously. This Wave edition comes with convenient buttons, easy to open saddle, and safe neck lock system.

Honda Wave 125i hoàn toàn mới trình làng, giá 33,8 triệu đồng - 6

The power of Wave 125i this time comes from a Honda Smart Engine, 125cc in capacity, PGM-Fi electronic fuel injection, raising standards of family clutch models. The bike achieves better performance, flexible operation, and fuel economy with an average consumption of only 71.4 km/liter. The Piston Oil Jet fuel pump system helps reduce heat and wear. New hydraulic chain tension adjustment system helps the vehicle operate at optimum capacity continuously at all speeds, reducing engine noise.

The all-new Honda Wave 125i has 2 different versions in the Thai market. In which, the cast rim version has 4 colors combinations (Red-Gray, Blue-Gray, White-Red and Black-Gray) with a suggested price of 56,500 baht (VND 35.8 million). Spoked-wheel version has colors such as Red, Blue, Green, and Black with a suggested price of 54,300 baht (33.84 million VND). Overall, Wave 125i in Thailand is on par with Honda Future in Vietnam.



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