Coming soon: Kawasaki Meguro 250

18 Nov 2021

The classic model is expected to appear in the small motorcycle segment to suit a wider range of users.

As we all know, Kawasaki is recently working to bring the famous Meguro line of the 1950s back to the market to meet the needs of nostalgic users. Previously, the company introduced Meguro K1, K2, and K3 versions with a typical classic style, taking the engine from the W series. And now, recent information from Thailand indicates that the Japanese automaker is planning to develop a line of Meguro in the 250cc segment.

According to analysis from experts, the 250cc segment proves rather promising. If released, Kawasaki Meguro 250 will use a SOHC, 2-valve single-cylinder engine block with a capacity of 250cc. Naturally, it will use an air-cooled engine and revealing its internals to create an impressive highlight for the bike. site from Japan has also released a montage for the Meguro 250. Needless to say, this montage shows just how great the model is when it comes to its breezy nature. The bike’s round lights and gauges combined with the tear-shaped gas tank forms a classic look. In addition, the bike also has many extremely polished chrome-plated details.

The spacious seat design, separate from the rear seat, also creates a special effect on the body. The raised handlebars with footrests will give a comfortable sitting position for the user. Kawasaki Meguro 250 is also equipped with a unique peashooter exhaust, a large disc brake system, and impressive shock absorbers…

However, all this information is in the form of rumors and we still need official information from Kawasaki.


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