Electric vehicles – a new solution for the transport service business

14 Nov 2022

When Ahamove’s drivers switch to using VinFast electric motorbikes for delivery, the cost is only 1/5 of what it used to be when operating with a gasoline motorbike. As a result, the driver’s income is significantly improved.

AhaFast – Ahamove delivery service by VinFast electric motorbike has been officially launched in Da Nang since September 2022. Up to now, after nearly 2 months of operation, AhaFast has become a familiar delivery service loved by many Da Nang people.


Improve driver’s income

– In terms of corporate governance, what advantages does the use of VinFast electric motorbikes bring to Ahamove when operating freight services through a technology platform?

VinFast’s Feliz S smart electric vehicle model with intelligent data transmission and connection technology helps Ahamove strengthen its information management system. We are not only able to manage our driver-partner’s journeys, but we’re also able to precisely monitor power consumption over the entire journey, something that’s not possible with gasoline motorbike. This has important implications for a business in the shipping industry. From this data, we can easily manage the system, thereby balancing the finances and costs to build a reasonable price policy, increase income for drivers and create many benefits for users who use the service of AhaFast.

In addition to a series of smart products with many preeminent features, VinFast also builds a comprehensive support ecosystem for EV users. That is a system of charging stations covering all provinces and cities across the country, in which, big cities like Da Nang have been covered with high density, creating favorable conditions for drivers to take the initiative in fuel. VinFast electric motorbikes are also free to park at Vincom shopping centers and Vinhomes urban areas, helping drivers save an extra cost when delivering goods.


– Specifically, how is the driver’s income improved when using electric motorbikes instead of gasoline motorbikes as before?

In fact, when Ahamove’s driver-partners switch to electric motorbikes for delivery, the cost is now only one-fifth of what it used to be when operating on petrol. Contrary to the situation of headaches, “empty wallet” for each gas price increase, the driver is no longer passive with the change of gasoline price. Most of AhaFast drivers are satisfied because they completely reduce maintenance and periodic maintenance costs such as changing coolant, engine oil…. These costs for a gasoline motorbike is about 300,000 – 500,000 VND, while the maintenance cost of electric motorbikes is only a few tens of thousands of VND each time. As a result, the driver’s income is significantly improved.


For a green future

– As the first enterprise to use electric motorbikes for freight service business, why did Ahamove decide to make this transformation?

Electrochemistry is a popular trend in the world, especially in developed countries. In Vietnam, this trend has begun to attract the attention of vehicle manufacturers in recent years, in which, VinFast is the most methodical and powerful investment vehicle company with pure electric cars and motorbikes as well as developing electric vehicles. develop a system of charging station infrastructure across the country. By cooperating with VinFast to deploy AhaFast service, we want to demonstrate the suitability, convenience, and development opportunities of electric vehicles for the transportation industry, thereby, contributing to the “green” revolution, catch up with the world trend.

With AhaFast, users will have more delivery options with “green” means of transport. The use of electric vehicles in the transport sector will help reduce engine noise, reduce fuel emissions, help protect the environment and lead to a clean green future for future generations.


– Does Ahamove plan to expand the use of electric delivery motorbikes, sir?

In the future, Ahamove will continue to expand the AhaFast service to major cities and provinces such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Nha Trang, etc. Ahamove’s goal is to put 10,000 electric motorbikes into operation from 2025 gradually replace gasoline vehicles and vehicles that do not meet quality standards, affecting the environment.

With Ahamove, we do not put revenue and profit first, but also for the development of the community and society. Electrification is the inevitable process of the transport sector to reduce emissions, for a clean environment and a green future for all. We believe that electrification is the key for transport businesses to have sustainable development and go further in the future.


Source: vietnamnet.vn

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