Experience the pinnacle of scooter technology from 2 new Piaggio rookies – Beverly S and MP3 Sport

28 Nov 2022

Recently, Piaggio Vietnam officially launched to the Vietnamese market two models of the high-end segment: Beverly S and MP3 Sport.

Through which, Piaggio once again affirms its pioneering technology position for urban scooters, along with its determination to constantly bring advanced mobility solutions with the elegant Italian trademark.


From new heights to unique status

Along with the two product lines Liberty and Medley, Piaggio has for many years become a familiar brand for customers who prefer high-end large-wheel scooters with elegant Italian design and modern technology. Piaggio has always focused on research and development to bring customers more superior solutions, more unique products, more multitasking, and more power.


Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE

With the message “Setting new heights”, Piaggio Beverly S aims at the image of a multitasking scooter, the most ideal vehicle for the journey to conquer new heights, for the desire to elevate life experience.

This is a breakthrough vehicle that perfectly combines the versatility and durability of a high-wheel scooter while delivering powerful sporty performance and convenience and comfort of high-end long-distance vehicles. Dressed in an elegant, powerful, Italian look, the 2-wheeler is the ideal companion on every journey, from the corners of the city to the boulevards or challenging roads.

Piaggio Beverly S is available in Vietnam with a 400cc version with 4 different color options: Arancio Sunset (orange), Argento Cometa (silver), Nero Tempesta (gloss black) and Nero Meteora (matte black).

Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE exudes a strong sporty spirit, with stylish design lines that are harmoniously emphasized. Matte graphite gray on the luggage rack, passenger legroom, and powerful dual 7-spoke wheel rims exudes the style of a classy scooter.

In addition, the high-performance full LED light system, windshield, and black double-stitched saddle also add a strong touch to the overall design.

The operating technology on the Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE is also outstanding. The 400cc HPE (High Performance Engine) engine meets Euro 5 standards on a powerful chassis structure for optimal performance. Significant increases in power and torque can be easily realized, resulting in outstanding performance and greater operational flexibility.

In addition, the four-stroke, 4-valve single cylinder, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection combined with dual exhaust pipes help reduce noise and fuel consumption, making the model ideal for every journey. Equally notable is the improved grip, thanks to a balance achieved through the tall wheels and light alloy rims, with the front being 2” larger than the rear.

The scooter is also equipped with many modern features to increase safety as well as convenience for the driver. Anti-lock braking system ABS and anti-slip control ASR, plus tilt sensor are the perfect trio to help ensure maximum safety when operating the vehicle.

Connectivity is also focused on upgrading by Piaggio on this model. No longer using the Immobilizer mechanical lock, Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE applies SmartKey. The 5.5″ LCD screen and Piaggio’s signature MIA system connect the vehicle to the driver’s smartphone, allowing the driver to receive notifications, manage calls or playlists while driving with ease.

The smart, sophisticated design that brings optimal utility is also a big plus for the Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE. The position of the fuel tank is in the middle of the floor so that the foot is not only convenient to use, but also creates a more balanced driving feeling and frees up space under the saddle. As a result, the large trunk can hold 2 3/4 helmets and is equipped with subtle lighting. Rear handle in combination with cargo rack; The front trunk with integrated USB charging port and hangers are outstanding utility details of Beverly S, making it a truly reliable everyday companion.


Piaggio MP3 400 HPE Sport

Proud to be a symbol of Piaggio’s leading technological development, “Unrivaled position” is the message that Piaggio MP3 wants to affirm in the Vietnamese market. With the world’s first 3-wheel design, integrated with the most advanced operating and connectivity technologies, Piaggio MP3 brings a real revolution to the definition of scooters and mobility solutions.

All create a unique experience that combines the flexibility of a motorcycle with safety, balance and certainly not inferior to a car. Piaggio MP3 is not only an optimal choice in terms of functionality but also deserves a declaration of class and high-class lifestyle.

First launched in Vietnam market, Piaggio brings MP3 400 HPE Sport version with 4 strong color options: Blu Zaffiro (blue), Argento Cometa (silver), Bianco Luna (white) and Nero Meteora (black). Piaggio MP3 Sport has a sporty beauty with a solid two-wheeled front wheel design, black painted spokes, combined with an impressive large front light system.

The Piaggio MP3 400 HPE Sport features an innovation on Piaggio’s patented technology called PVC, which stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation.

By reducing pumping losses, PVC increases the efficiency and power of the engine, making the 4-stroke, 4-valve single cylinder, liquid cooling, and electronic fuel injection systems even more efficient. more efficient than before, reducing noise, for an effortless driving experience like never before.

Outstanding balance, safety and utility are the great advantages of Piaggio MP3 Sport. With ABS, ASR, and integrated foot brake give the model outstanding traction and braking performance.

In addition, the model is equipped with a system to keep it automatically balanced when stopping even when the driver does not support his feet. Other outstanding features such as LED daytime running lights, LCD digital display, Analog connection to Mia system and ergonomic control button system help users easily control the vehicle, turn the trip The longest becomes light and comfortable. In addition, the auxiliary storage compartment above the instrument panel is equipped with a USB port so that the driver can charge his device on the go.

Not only with outstanding strength and safety, but an ergonomic system is also applied to ensure maximum comfort for all customers. The carefully balanced structure of the handlebars, seat and footrests create the ideal seating position for both driver and passenger even on long journeys. Notably, the seat itself with its completely revamped backrest design feels more comfortable than ever. The large volumetric trunk and high windshield also bring great convenience to the driver, especially for long journeys.


Suggested retail price

Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE and Piaggio MP3 400 HPE Sport were officially present at genuine Piaggio showrooms nationwide, with prices of VND 235 – 330 million respectively.

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