Ford Ranger – Mass pickup truck of the year

15 Jan 2022

Once again, Ford Ranger solidify its position in the segment with energetic designs, urban, powerful engine, and technologically advanced.

Ranger achieved the highest evaluation score with 85.71 points, far ahead of the second place with 77 points of Mitsubishi Triton, and 74.82 points belonging to Toyota Hilux. In addition to the three models, the pickup truck segment also has other models such as Nissan Navara, Mazda BT-50 and Isuzu D-Max.

Ford Ranger - Ôtô của năm phân khúc xe bán tải phổ thông - 1

Ranger balances well the elements of appearance, equipment, and price. The model is typical for the statement: the best-selling car is the car that best suits the majority.

Ranger first appeared in Vietnam in 2001 in a locally assembled form when the pickup truck market was still in its infancy with a few Japanese names. The American model did not take long to create a foothold, sales grew continuously. In 2009, Ford Ranger switched to importing from Thailand and began to reshape the pickup truck market. Over the past 10 years, Ranger has always been at the top of the sales charts and created a big gap with the rest.

Ford Ranger - Ôtô của năm phân khúc xe bán tải phổ thông

With a masculine American design, the Ranger itself has made a difference from many Japanese competitors who are inclined to create a strong Asian style. Pickups need to be strong, and Ranger does well in terms of looks. At the very least, that’s the first step to success.

Ranger’s strength, in addition to the design and price range that is suitable for many, is also in the accompanying technology and engine power. All versions of Ford Ranger sold in Vietnam are equipped with diesel engines to optimize fuel costs. On the Wildtrak version, the 2.0-liter twin-turbo engine is installed, with a capacity of 213 horsepower, the strongest in the segment. Ford Ranger is the first model in the segment equipped with a 10-speed transmission, providing a more exciting driving experience and better fuel efficiency.

In 2021, Ranger is also in the list of 10 best-selling car models in Vietnam, with sales of 15,650 vehicles, ranked in 6th. This number was 2,359 units more than in 2020, corresponding to a growth of 15%.

Ford Ranger is sold under 6 versions in Vietnam market, priced from 628 million to 1.2 billion.



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