20 Dec 2020

In the Chinese market, the Ford Transit Pro 2021 is priced from 163,800 to 233,800 yuan (about 582 to 830 million VND)

Recently, Ford has officially revealed the next generation of the passenger cars Transit Pro Light in the Chinese market. In this market, the Ford Transit Pro 2021 has 4 versions, including 3 seats, 6 seats, 7 seats and 15 seats.

For this next generation, Ford Transit Pro is significantly changed in exterior design. This is evident in the front with a completely new design. Accordingly, the car is equipped with a new larger radiator with horizontal chrome spokes, engraved on which is the new “Transit” title.

Situated on either side of the radiator is the new 2-ball headlight cluster that looks more modern, surrounded by a slender daytime running LED light strip. In addition, the 2 headlights are divided by a horizontal strip of lights in the middle.

Furthermore, Ford Transit 2021 in the Chinese market also has a large central air cavity with slender chrome spokes in the middle. In addition, two front fog lights, surrounded by chrome trim. In the middle of this fog lights is the center air cavity with a black mesh detail

Contrast to the front design, the side and rear design of the Ford Transit Pro 2021 is almost unchanged from the previous version. Only some minor changes in these areas such as the redesign rim wheels, rear bumper and formed inside vertical taillights. In the new generation, Ford Transit Pro will be equipped with full LED taillights.

In the Ford Transit 2021’s exterior, drivers are experienced in a space which more like small-car. Accordingly, the car has a 4-spoke steering wheel as previous version but it added metallic details so that the car looks more luxurious and integrated with more function keys. Behind the steering wheel is still the same analog dashboard as before.

Besides, Ford Transit Pro 2021 in China is also adding a larger center screen, located between two central air-conditioning doors. Below the screen is the gear lever with a more modern design.

Power supply for Ford Transit Pro 2021 in the Chinese market is diesel 4-cynlinder, turbocharged, 2-2liter capacity, the maximum capacity to produce 140HP. Power is transmitted to the wheel through a manual transmission and an automatic transmission.


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