GPX POPZ 110 released: modern and affordable

14 Sep 2021

With an extremely impressive design and a fuel-saving engine, the price of POPZ 110 is only one-third of the Super Cub C125.

POPZ 125 is now considerably more familiar to many as it is a “perfect simulation” of the Honda Super Cub C125. However, recently, the Thai manufacturer has caused a market fever when launching the POPZ 110 version – a lower-graded engine version. Of which, the selling price is extremely competitive.

Still bearing the typical style of the POPZ series, POPZ 110 owns a 110cc single-cylinder engine, and GPX-Fi electronic fuel injection. This engine block is designed to meet EURO4 emission standards, and is enough for flexible movement on the street.

Carrying the typical compact design language, POPZ 110 uses 17-inch cast wheels. The entire frame and rims are made of aluminum alloy, so that the bike becomes lighter. This combines with a powerful engine to bring flexible movements for users.

POPZ 110 is equipped with a single-sided headlight on the front mask, while the front turn signal is put on the hybrid arm. All employ LED technology to help ensure brightness, along with enhanced durability, and energy savings. The bike is equipped with an analog gauge with a simple interface.

The model comes with a front disc brake and rear drum brakes, while the front suspension is an oiled fork. The rear also has hydraulic shock absorbers that can be adjusted to many levels. The motorbike uses a split rider’s seat design to distinguish between the rider and the rear seat. This seat dons a luxurious brown leather tone.

There are 5 colors for users to choose from. The rims are also painted in a striking colors, helping to increase the uniqueness of the product. The selling price of POPZ 110 is set at 30,500 Thai baht – equivalent to 27 million VND.


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