Honda Cub E electric motorbike likely to thrive in Vietnam with many modern details suitable for women

05 Feb 2023

Based on the legendary Cub line, Honda Cub E uses an electric motor that has been registered for industrial design protection in Vietnam.

Xe máy điện Honda Cub E sáng cửa bán tại Việt Nam, nhiều chi tiết hiện đại hợp nữ giới - Ảnh 1.

In Honda’s industrial design series, Cub E is one of the more notable names. The design has many similarities with the traditional Cub but is equipped with an electric motor. The model is currently sold in the Chinese market.

Similar to the U-Be, Cub E in the Chinese market is a product of the Wuyang – Honda joint venture. This electric cub has a compact size, a single-seater design. The length, width, and height dimensions are 1,839 x 339 x 1,066mm, respectively. This vehicle weighs 53.6kg, suitable young consumers, mainly women.

Xe máy điện Honda Cub E sáng cửa bán tại Việt Nam, nhiều chi tiết hiện đại hợp nữ giới - Ảnh 2.

Cub E has classic round headlights and turn signals but uses LED bulbs and has daytime running lights. The head design is similar to the Cub C125 using internal combustion engine. Notably, the typical front cover of the Cub series for many years is maintained.

Other modern equipment includes monochrome electronic screen, connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth, and applications, unlockable via NFC technology. The chassis is made of strengthened steel. The alloy wheels, large in size, help operate stably even when going through speed bumps.

Front safety equipment consists of single disc brake, while the rear wheel uses a drum brake. Cub E uses a single rear shock absorber.

The battery pack is located below the footrest, allowing travels of about 65km per charge. This electric car uses a 400W motor with a maximum speed of 25km/h. In addition, the vehicle has pedals, driven by a chain, used when there is no power.

Currently, specific information about the time of sale and price of Honda Cub E in Vietnam has not been disclosed. Meanwhile, prices in Chinese market is equivalent to about 21 million VND.



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