Honda Dream ‘Forever Glory’ edition 2021 launched with new looks

05 Oct 2021

The Honda Dream ‘Forever Glory’ 2021 has just been launched in Cambodia with more luxurious and elegant new look.

The latest Honda Dream ‘Forever Glory’ 2021 in the Cambodian market is comes with striking golden graphic stripes and icons.

‘Forever Glory’ offers a 124.85cc engine with a carburetor system and a four-speed gearbox. The power and torque figures generated by the engine remains unknown.

However, the manufacturer had stated that the engine will be equipped with Precompressure Start System technology to make engine ignition easier.

Additional specifications for the bike include the 4.0-liter fuel tank, telescopic front fork, rear twin shock absorber diffuser, and front and rear drum brakes.

There are also front and rear tires of sizes 60/100-R17 and 70/100- R17. Seat height stands at 745 mm.

For the Cambodian market, available color options are: Black, White, and Red.

In Vietnam, despite having been discontinued for a while, many people are still passionate about Honda Dream. Therefore, private dealers still import and sell the model.

In the near future, the Honda Dream ‘Forever Glory’ will soon appear at some private dealers in Vietnam.


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