Honda Lead scooter surprisingly reduced in price

29 Jan 2021

As the Lunar New Year approaches, various Honda scooters are being sold with the slightly-reduced price from 200 000 to 500 000 VND.

Unlike other scooter models in the market which have a tendency to increase the price before the Lunar New Year, Honda scooters have slightly decreased in price. In detail, Honda Lead models are declined by 500 000 VND compared to last month.

Specifically, dealers in Ho Chi Minh City are selling Honda Lead at price from 39,5 million to 43,4 million VND. The Standard and the Advanced versions cost 39,5 million VND and 41,5 million VND, respectively; the Matte Black version costs 43.4 million VND.

Although being reduced, the selling price is still higher than the listed price of the company.

For example, Honda Lead have the listed price from 38,3 million for Standard version and 40,3 million for the Advanced version. We can see that the selling price of dealers still higher by 1,2 to 1,9 million.

According to the survey of PV, the wholesalers in some provinces and cities also have slightly decreased prices compared to last month. However, the prices also higher than the listed price from 1,5 to 1,7 million VND.

Honda Leads scooter series are considered in the range of 40 million VND. The competitor of Honda Leads is Yamaha Grande, both of them have each own advantage to offer customers.

For example, Yamaha Grande is known as the most fuel-efficient bike in the line of scooters. The Honda Lead model, on the other hand, has the advantage of a large positive trunk, which is very suitable for women.

However, in the Vietnamese market, Honda is still a national favorite.


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