Honda officially launches Honda CBR500R 2022 with new designs and Upside-Down forks

02 Sep 2021

Honda CBR500R 2022 has officially launched a new version with a series of changes that make it much more beautiful and modern.

Recently, Honda has officially launched a new version for the Honda CBR500R Sportbike model. Accordingly, the new generation will have many changes from appearance to equipment, making the bike more competitive in the market.

Honda CBR500R is inherently one of the Sportbike models that bring the best riding experience in the segment with a comfortable and flexible pose, a powerful and smooth engine block with excellent durability and efficiency. However, to increase its competitiveness, Honda decided to further upgrade the CBR500R to the 2022. In particular, the first change is the design of the front end of the motorbike, which looks quite similar to the Honda CBR650R with a pair of symmetrical diagonally placed full LED headlights.

While the head unit has been changed to be more beautiful and modern, the entire body of the Honda CBR500R 2022 remains the same. The most special feature of the new CBR500R is that the front fork has been upgraded to USD Showa 41mm. This helps the legs of the bike become more solid and beautiful.

In addition, due to the use of USD front forks, the new model owns a pair of lowered Clip-on handlebars to bring a more pronounced sporty look.

In the engine block, Honda CBR500R 2022 is still equipped with a 471 cc double-cylinder DOHC engine block that meets Euro 5 emission standards. This engine block is equipped with a new fuel injector, and a new ECU for holding power. This brings power to 47 HP at 8,600 rpm and maximum torque of 43 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Along with said engine is a 6-speed manual gearbox with the support of a Slipper Clutch.

Currently, the price of the new generation Honda CBR500R has not been officially announced. This model will soon be available in Vietnam via genuine import in the near future.


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