Honda SH 2019’s price records all-time high: 170 million VND

12 Jan 2021

The price of Honda SH 2019 for the 125cc and 150cc versions now fall between 136 and 170 million VND depending on the version and dealer.

It has been a while since the release of Honda SH 2020, but its older version of Honda SH 2019 is still being purchased by many, leading to an increasingly scarce inventory due to discontinuation. According to the survey, the price of Honda SH 150i 2019 last week was from 142 to 156 million VND.

By this week, because the number of units in stock is still very low while buying demand has yet to decreased, dealers continue to push SH motorcycle prices up. As recorded, the current Honda SH 150i 2019 prices at dealers are at an all-time high, with a price difference of up to 80 million VND. Honda SH 2019 prices each version are as follows:

Version Suggested price Honda SH 2019 price at dealers Price differences
SH 125i CBS 67,990,000 136,000,000 68,000,000
SH 125i ABS 75,990,000 145,000,000 69,000,000
SH 150i CBS 81,990,000 162,000,000 80,000,000
SH 150i ABS 89,990,000 170,000,000 80,000,000

It is known that this is the highest price ever recorded since the Honda SH model was officially sold in Vietnam. The price of 170 million VND of the Honda SH 150i ABS is even equivalent to the Honda SH models imported from Italy, which were once sold at imported dealerships. At its “hottest” moment, the price of the Honda SH 125i imported to Italy used to vary from 170 to 180 million VND.

Currently, the Honda SH 125i is almost out of stock, there are only a few of them left at fewer dealers. Meanwhile, the number of Honda SH 150i is also scarce, and is expected to “sell out” before the 2021 Lunar New Year.

When asked about the unusually high price of the Honda SH 2019, Honda sales staff shared the same answer that is due to the demand and psychology of buyers. Most customers looking to buy an SH model chooses the 2019 version instead of 2020. Although the Honda SH 2020 has been sold for over a year, the design is not as favored as the old version, making buyers still want to own the 2019 version more.


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