Honda SH Mode 125cc 2022 adds more versions, price increases

31 Oct 2022

Honda SH Mode 125 cc 2022 new version officially launched in Vietnam with 4 versions, with prices ranging from 56.6 to 63.3 million VND.

Honda SH Mode 125cc thêm phiên bản, giá tăng nhẹ

Honda Vietnam officially introduced Honda Sh Mode 125 cc new version in Vietnam market with new Standard, Premium, Special and Sport versions priced from 56,641 million VND.

Honda SH Mode 125cc thêm phiên bản, giá tăng nhẹ

In particular, the Special version of Sh mode 125cc owns a matte paint coating on the main Black and Silver Black background. Some details are emphasized in deep brown color to highlight the overall design, clearly defining the owner’s unmistakable style.

In the new Sport version 125cc Sh mode has Dark Gray color and delicate textures, creating a strong and trendy highlight for young and stylish customers.

The Premium version creates accents and impressions with 2 different colors Red Black and Blue Black and new delicate saddle stitch details. The standard version with three colors Red, Blue, White is completely new to diversify the color range, to meet the maximum needs of customers.

Honda SH Mode 125cc thêm phiên bản, giá tăng nhẹ

In terms of design, Honda SH Mode 125cc uses 3D “SH” Logo embossed on the body. The gradient color pattern creates an impressive surface effect that changes when the light hits it, providing a high-class and luxurious image.

The compact overall design, featuring an S-shaped front light cluster with synchronous modern LED technology, sparkling like a jewelry strip is also the highlight that creates the typical style of Sh mode.

Inspired by high-end wristwatches, the dashboard has a simple, luxurious design with a circular luminous bezel surrounding it, providing a “light effect” at night.

SH Mode 125cc continues to own a 4-valve eSP+ engine to achieve outstanding performance with low fuel consumption. In addition, maintaining the application of the new generation frame eSAF developed by Honda brings a sturdy frame, reducing weight, … creating the highest comfort for users.

In addition, SH Mode 125cc also maintains a series of utilities including: Smart Key system, Front left storage compartment with USB charging port, U-box under the seat 18.5 liters, wide floor to create comfort for leg room, and ABS.

The new Honda Sh mode 125cc will be officially on sale on November 18, 2022 through HEADs nationwide with a warranty period of 3 years or 30,000 km.



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