Honda SH Mode discounted by nearly 8 million VND

03 Oct 2022

Currently, Honda SH Mode is being sold for only 64.45 million VND.

In recent months, Honda’s models have continuously changed their selling prices, especially for scooter models. Notably, SH Mode is experiencing a slight decrease compared to July and August.

According to a survey by PV, in Ho Chi Minh City, currently the Honda SH Mode model is being sold for only 64.45 million VND.

Specifically, the standard CBS version SH Mode model costs from VND 64.45 million. High-end ABS SH Mode costs VND 75,051 million, and the Special ABS version costs VND 77.45 million.

In August, the standard CBS version of the model was priced from 72 million VND. SH Mode Premium ABS was priced at 81.59 million VND, while ABS Special edition was priced at 83.79 million VND.

Thus, all versions have also decreased by nearly 8 million VND.

In addition to Honda SH Mode, other scooter models also dropped in price such as Honda Lead or Vision.

In the Vietnamese market, at a cost of about 50 million VND, users can also choose the Yamaha Grande model for 45-51 million VND.



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