Honda Super Cub C125 priced at over 150 million

14 Nov 2022

Genuine stock is no longer available, Super Cub C125 special edition in matte black is now imported via private company at high prices.

Overview – Super Cub C125 – 125CC – Range – Motorcycles – Honda

Super Cub C125 matte black version priced at VND 86.8 million currently has no vehicles for sale at genuine HEADs due to lack of stock. This model was brought back by private companies for more than 150 million VND, which is more than 60 million VND more expensive than genuine CUB. This CUB is even more expensive than the new SH350 model, selling genuine for 149 million VND.

Super Cub C125 which are sold by both private company and genuine company is imported from the Honda factory in Thailand. Design and equipment are similar. The matte black version with a classic color scheme, only the red saddle is a different highlight, making many people hunt.

The CUB does not have any outstanding safety technology. The brand strength, fashion style and historical value of the famous Cub range over the decades, are what attracts customers, especially collectors. The model is equipped with electronic fuel injection engine, 125 cc, air-cooled, capacity of 9.2 horsepower, maximum torque of 10.15 Nm. 4-speed gearbox.



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