Honda Vietnam closes 2022 successfully with product breakthroughs

13 Jun 2022

The recently published report on business performance of fiscal year 2022 (from April 2021 to March 2022) of Honda Corporation shows that this brand is continuing its strong growth momentum in the Vietnamese market.

Honda Việt Nam tổng kết năm 2022 thành công với những dấu ấn đột phá về sản phẩm - 1

Efforts to restore production post-pandemic

In the context of a shortage in supply of semiconductor chip components, the total market capacity of Vietnam is currently over 2.5 million vehicles, down by 5.2% compared to the previous period. In which, sales of HVN reached over 2 million vehicles, down by 2.7% compared to fiscal year 2021. However, its market shares still reached about 80%, which is +2%.

In fiscal year 2023 (from April 2022 to March 2023), HVN predicts that the motorcycle market will continue to be affected, especially due to the disruption of the global supply chain leading to negative impacts on production. Since April 2022, HVN has faced a decrease in the average output of some models of domestically produced scooters.

This situation is expected to continue in the coming months. Currently, the output of some models of domestically produced scooters may decrease by more than half compared to the original plan. HVN is trying to promote solutions to optimize production capacity to meet market demand as soon as possible.


Product breakthrough

Marked as a blooming year with many new products, in 2022 HVN introduced 18 models. Of which, 07 models and new versions were officially launched in the Vietnamese market for the first time. In particular, HVN’s small clutch scooter segment in 2022 marks a proud milestone when it launches two super products: CBR150R for customers starting to enter the sport motorcycle segment, and Winner X with a completely new design.

HVN’s big-bike segment also welcomes a completely new line of product with Africa Twin, Gold Wing, and Rebel 1100. In which, if Africa Twin inherits core values ​​from racing bikes dedicated to extreme terrain, then The Gold Wing continues to set the standard for true long-distance large displacement 2-wheelers. Meanwhile, the Rebel 1100 makes a strong impression when combining the traditional bobber design with an outstanding upgrade in engine power.

Returning love for Air Blade enthusiasts, in May 2022, HVN officially launched the 6th generation of this model to the Vietnamese market. The pioneering model with exclusive 4-valve eSP+ technology and the first-ever 160cc engine delivers outstanding performance and optimal fuel consumption while controlling noise and vibration. In addition, the new design is dynamic, sporty, but still maintains elegance and compactness inherent with a series of convenient USB charging ports and the improved Honda SMART Key. In addition, HVN also launched the AB Crew community (Air Blade Community) with 21 clubs of about 5,000 members. In just a short time from October 2021 to January 2022, HVN has successfully organized a series of 10 online events and 2 offline mini events for this new but very quality community.

Honda Việt Nam tổng kết năm 2022 thành công với những dấu ấn đột phá về sản phẩm - 5

Back in the last financial period, sports bike lovers had a memorable year with a series of exciting brand activities of HVN. In addition, Honda’s large displacement motorcycle racers were also delighted with the series of campaigns.

In parallel with production – distribution, with the desire to build a professional and safe racing culture, in 2022, HVN will try to promote the return of domestic and international activities. For international competitions, Honda Racing Vietnam strives to compete at the Asian Motorbike Championship. At the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup, Nguyen Tran Duc Tai – was ranked 19/22 at stage 1 and stage 2.

In fiscal year 2023, HVN will continue to introduce many new models and versions to further enhance the joy of daily commuting for consumers. At the same time, it commits to doing its best to provide the best products and services as well as the most substantial added values.



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