Honda Vision inflated by a further 2-4 million-VND from last week

26 Jun 2022

The price of Honda Vision on the market today is inflating from 17 to 20 million VND compared to the proposed level.

The Vietnamese motorbike market has never been in such a state of scarcity, making the price of scooters as high as today, especially for Honda. According to a survey at dealers, the prices of a series of Honda scooter products such as Vision, Lead, Air Blade, or SH are being pushed to record highs.

This week, the actual price of Honda Vision at dealers continued to increase despite an already large difference from the suggested retail price. Specifically, the standard Vision is being offered for sale at 47.55 million VND, 17 million VND higher than the proposed price; the Premium version is currently priced at 49.2 million VND, 17.5 million VND in difference compared to the proposal; Special Vision is priced at 50.2 million VND, 17 million VND in difference; Personality version alone still has the highest selling price at 54 million VND, 19 million VND higher than the suggested retail price.

Compared to the time of just 1 week ago, prices of some versions of Honda Vision have increased by 2 to 4 million VND. Specifically, the Standard Vision was sold for VND 44 million last week, now it has increased by 3.55 million. Premium Vision has increased by VND 2.2 million, while the Special Edition has increased by more than 2 million VND. Finally, the Honda Vision Personality remains at the same selling price from 53-54 million VND.

In addition to Honda Vision, model SH is also being heavily priced. Specifically, Honda SH version 125 CBS and ABS are being offered for sale at 83.2 and VND 90.5 million VND, respectively, a difference of VND 11.25 million and VND 10.7 million compared to the proposed level.

Similarly, the Standard Honda SH150i model has a price difference of 10 million VND, for sale at about 100 million. SH150i Special and Sport versions have the highest price difference, from 18.5 to 22 million VND with the dealer’s price of 118 and 122 million VND.

In general, the selling price of Honda Vision versions is still being pushed up by dealers in the context of a series of Honda scooters that are limited in supply due to a lack of production materials. In addition, Honda also said that the shortage of domestically produced scooters will continue in the next few months.

Therefore, the price of Honda scooters on the market will continue to be strongly priced in the next few months. The situation should only get better after the supply of Honda scooters returns to normal.



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