Honda Winner X sells for 15 million VND lower than the proposed price

21 Nov 2022

The selling price of the Honda Winner X clutch model continues to decrease from 3 to 4 million VND compared to the previous month, depending on the version.

According to a reporter’s survey, in mid-November 2022, the selling price of Honda Winner X at dealers in Hanoi area is deeply reduced by 3 – 4 million VND compared to the previous month.

Specifically, the standard Honda Winner X version is priced at 35 million VND (11.09 million VND lower than the proposed price). Versions with ABS brakes are currently selling for 37 million VND (from 12.99 to 13.49 million VND lower than the proposed price).

In addition, customers with household registration in Hanoi when buying a car this month will receive a direct discount of 2 million VND in the selling price. After applying the total incentive, Honda Winner X currently has a selling price lower than the proposed by over 15 million VND.

With the current price drop, Honda Winner X has a relatively attractive price compared to competitors in the same segment as Yamaha Exciter or Suzuki Raider.

At the same time, some dealers said that at this time, the selling price of Winner X is almost the lowest this year, although in the past this model has had many different incentives and promotions, but it has never come below 33 million.

Honda Winner X is the best-selling clutch model of Honda Vietnam (HVN) with sales reaching 10,184 units, accounting for 4.2% of total motorcycle sales of HVN in October 2022.

Recently, this model was also introduced new sports version with some changes in the stamp set as well as the color scheme. In the new version, Winner X is equipped with SMART Key that helps to locate the vehicle and unlock it remotely, a USB Type A charging port with a waterproof cover to support the driver, and a digital watch face. ABS is maintained at the front wheel.

The car maintains a powerful 150cc, DOHC, 6-speed, liquid-cooled engine block that produces a maximum capacity of 11.5kW/9,000 rpm, maximum torque of 13.5Nm/6,500 rpm.



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