Hyundai introduces Staria Kinder – A beautiful and modern school bus

12 Oct 2021

Hyundai Staria Kinder is perhaps the most stylish school bus in the world right now, and it is packed with cutting-edge safety features.

Children in South Korea will soon be able to go to school on a new model of bus called the Hyundai Staria Kinder. Kinder is a German word for “children”. On the outside, it retains the standard Staria look and adds light bars at the front and rear of the roof. In addition, this car for transporting children also has a small stop sign near the driver’s door. The entire exterior is painted in yellow, a color commonly used by school buses.

Inside, the minivan is available in 11 or 15 seat configurations. All seat belts are height-adjustable to accommodate different sizes of children. In addition, the seat belt warning system will let the driver know whether the children are wearing seat belts. Furthermore, Hyundai Staria Kinder also comes with many advanced safety features such as:

  • Frontal collision avoidance assist
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Blind-spot collision avoidance
  • Cross-sectional collision prevention when reversing.

Unfortunately, Hyundai did not specify the powertrain parameters for the Staria Kinder. In Europe, this refreshing minivan is available with a 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine that produces 175 HP and 431 Nm of torque. In addition, it also has an option of a 3.5L air-cooled engine with a capacity of 268 HP and maximum torque of 331 Nm. The transmission also has two options including a 6-speed manual and an 8-speed automatic.

In terms of price, the 11-seat Staria Kinder version costs 34.78 million won (equivalent to 661.8 million VND). The 15-seat version costs 37.41 million won (equivalent to 711.8 million VND). Hyundai said that with special incentives, the actual price can be as low as 20 million won (380 million VND).

Hyundai is currently working on expanding the Staria lineup. The Korean company has introduced the Staria Load with a 2-seater or 5-seater configuration to leave ample cargo space. In the near future, the company also plans to introduce a specialized version for camping purposes.


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