Hyundai opens additional EV factory Vietnam

21 Nov 2022

Hyundai Thanh Cong Factory No.2 (HTMV2) will start producing eco-friendly car models from 2023 at the earliest.

Mẫu sedan cỡ C Hyundai Elantra tại dây chuyền lắp ráp của nhà máy Hyundai thứ hai. Ảnh: Hyundai

Inaugurated on November 15, the second factory of Hyundai Thanh Cong has a functional area of ​​87,000 m2 on a total land area of ​​50 hectares, with a 1.5km test track. Total designed capacity per year is 100,000 vehicles.

According to this group’s plan, the second factory will mainly produce fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly models. Those will be electrified products such as hybrid and electric vehicles. According to the plan, as early as 2023, the factory will start producing the pure electric Hyundai Ioniq 5 model.

At this time, the new factory combined, with the first one, is producing C-class sedan Hyundai Elantra and B-size sedan Accent.

At the second factory, the factory system is built with the application of noise reduction technology, the production line is equipped with modern technology, automated by Hyundai’s own robot. Manufacturing and assembly processes are also on-demand based on a digital and smart technology platform.

The entire production and quality control data system is managed in real time, connected to the global Hyundai quality control system, to ensure the quality of the cars produced at HTMV2 in the future. equivalent to any other Hyundai car factory in the world.

Including both factories – both located in Gian Khau industrial zone, Ninh Binh province – the number of Hyundai cars produced each year can reach a maximum of 180,000 vehicles.

In Vietnam today, Hyundai is the company that sells the most assembled cars. Specifically, in 2021, Hyundai’s assembled car sales will be 60,401 units. The company is selling products such as i10, Accent, Elantra, Creta, Tucson, Santa Fe, Kona.



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