15 May 2020

Hyundai has officially introduced in Vietnam the mid-sized Mighty EX8 GT which will be sold for approximately 695 million VND, VAT included.

Hyundai Vietnam has introduced the Mighty EX8 GT in domestic markets as a strategy in their commercial vehicle business. The model is a mid-sized truck, inheriting multiple outstanding features of the Mighty EX earlier introduced by HTVC.

This truck employs modern designs and great operational capabilities. The Mighty EX8 GT is a reliable companion for the development of numerous cargo industries. For this release, markets welcome 3 variations:

  • Mighty EX8 GT S1: Total load 9.9 tons; Base length 3,850mm.
  • Mighty EX8 GT S2: Total load 11 tons; Base length 3,850mm.
  • Mighty EX8 GT S1: Total load 11 tons; Base length 4,200mm.

At the front, the model’s headlights and large-sized turning signals are vertically arranged, combined with rectangular fog lights below. With this design, Mighty EX8 GT bears a modern appearance that is stern and strong. The main difference between Mighty EX8 GT compared to the EX6 and EX8 is the positioning of Hyundai emblem. Newly designed cabin expresses a European style that is more angular. Mighty EX8 GT employs a chassis is made of sturdy steel, which has been changed, making it more rigid, reducing deflection when loading cargo.

Furthermore, the chassis is equipped with bee-hive cavities that reduce weight and provide better assembly for containers in the back. The height of cabin floor is reduced from 830mm to 760mm, lowering the center of mass. This, in turn, should help drivers have better control over high-speed conditions, performing safer turns, as well as smoother experience on bad roads. Mighty EX GT uses 8:25-16 tires that are conventional in the segment of 7-ton lorries.

Other accessories include new mirrors, implemented with secondary protruding mirrors that increase the and angle of observation and safety. Stairs to cabin are anti-slippery to provide aid drivers in rainy conditions. The cabin in Mighty EX8 GT is expanded. More specifically, the distance from seats to panel is now enlarged, which should provide more relaxed driving positions. The steering wheel is also renewed. Central gauges bear similarities to tourist buses, displaying clearly specifications. The entire panel face design is completely new with modern lines and the layout of control areas is intelligent and being easy to manipulate. This truck is equipped with infotainment system including Radio, Aux, and USB portals. The fast cooling air conditioning system provides a comfortable ride under hot weather.

Hyundai Mighty EX8 GT comes with D4CC 2,891cc engine, generating approximately 160 HP and 392 Nm. VGT turbocharger guarantees efficient operation at low RPMs. In addition, the model uses Dymos  5-speed gearbox, offering smooth operation, and an EGR exhaust processor that meets Euro4 qualifications.

For Mighty EX6 and EX8, Hyundai aimed at a more luxurious segment with multiple modern accessories. On the other hand, Mighty EX8 GT is better suited for the middle-class segment. In Vietnam, Mighty EX8 GT is genuinely distributed at 695, 715 and 730 million VND respectively for 3 variations.


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