Kia K3 2022 officially counts down to launch with acclaimed leading technology in the segment

20 Sep 2021

THACO has officially confirmed Cerato’s rename to Kia K3 2022, which will be launched on 22nd September.

Recently, Cerato’s mid-life upgrade was renamed into Kia K3 2022 to unify the name with the international market. After dealers simultaneously putting down deposits for the model, Kia Vietnam’s fanpage also made similar confirmations. Specifically, the company posted a video teasing a new sedan called K3, bearing Kia’s new brand identity logo and a link to register for information for interested customers. Upon visiting this website, we can see a countdown timer until the official launch time of September 22.

In addition, Kia Vietnam also shared on its fanpage that the Kia K3 2022 will have modern technology among the best in the segment. However, the alleged specifications of this C-class sedan was leaked beforehand. Accordingly, Kia K3 2022 indeed has many new upgrades, but the claims were more or less exaggerating.

Based on the leaked specifications, Kia K3 2022 will be distributed in 4 versions: 1.6 MT, 1.6 AT Luxury, 1.6 AT Premium, and 2.0 AT Premium. All 4 are equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic headlights, LED daytime running lights, electric trunk. However, the standard MT version uses halogen bulbs in both front and rear lights, while the rest employ full-LEDs.

Kia K3 2020’s interior is also upgraded with many convenience such as 8-inch entertainment screens on MT and Luxury versions and 10.25 inches on the others. The 3 higher-end versions all have a remote start feature, but only Premium versions offer wireless phone charger and front seat heater and ventilation.

The engine is unchanged, including the option of a 1.6L or 2.0L petrol engine as this is only a mid-life upgrade. Based on the above specifications, most of the safety equipment remains the same, with an addition of tire pressure sensor in Premium versions. The standard version has more electronic balance and added support for horizontal departure, as well as reverse camera.

Should the leaks be correct, Kia K3 2022 does not have the most modern technological equipment in the segment. Another C-class sedan also from THACO – Mazda3 – comes with a full package of i-Activsense technology. This equipment package includes many attractive features such as MRCC adaptive automatic throttle, SBS intelligent active brake support, lane-keeping control, blind-spot warning,…

Sales consultants have confirmed that Kia K3 2022 will not have an electronic handbrake – a feature many Vietnamese customers come to expect. However, this addition of equipment is understandable as the former Cerato is the lowest-priced car in the segment. Thus in this upgrade, THACO certainly wants to continue to maintain that advantage.


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