Kia, Mazda, and Peugeot simultaneously reduce selling prices

10 Mar 2023

In March, Kia, Mazda, and Peugeot models assembled and distributed by Thaco were all discounted from 10 to 100 million VND.

Mẫu xe Kia Sportage. Ảnh: THACO

The general difficult situation of the auto market in 2023 has caused manufacturers to work hard on promotions for months. With Thaco, all three of its most popular brands are applying this strategy.

For Kia, Morning and Carens are the two models with the least reduction of only 10 million VND. Only the old Morning and Carens with 6-seat petrol engine are down by 20 million VND. Most other Kia models are reduced by 20-40 million VND, including Soluto (25-35 million VND), K3 (20-40 million VND), K5 (20 million VND), Sonet (20-30 million VND), Seltos (20-30 million VND), and Sorento (20-50 million VND).

The biggest promotion is the Sportage C-size crossover with the decrease of 55 million VND for the highest diesel version, 20 million VND for the lowest version; the remaining versions retain their prices. The highest diesel engine version of Sorento and Hybrid engine version receive incentives of 50 million VND.

Mazda offers larger discounts. Mazda2 is decreased by 35-57 million VND; Mazda3 sedan by 20-40 million VND, but the hatchback version only discounts by 8 million VND. Mazda6 is reduced by 40 million VND on all versions, bringing the price of Mazda’s D-class sedan below 1 billion VND, even for the highest version.

The duo CX-3 and CX-30 imported from Thailand are decreased by VND 63-82 million VND. The CX-5 and CX-8 are discounted by a whopping 80-100 million, bringing the price of the most advanced CX-5 under 1 billion VND. BT-50 pickup applies the discount rate of VND 50 million.

Unlike Kia and Mazda, models from French brand Peugeot are mostly only discounted by 10 million VND. Only the MPV Traveler models are reduced by 40 million VND, and 5008 Allure versions (standard version) by 20 million VND. 3008 Active version retains its price. The company’s cars are also converted into cash insurance promotions, valued at VND 13-17 million.

These rates have proved unexpected incentives for the Vietnamese car market in the past few years. The market, when it was just about to end the gloom due to Covid-19, was immediately at risk of a continuing crisis in 2023 because of economic difficulties, rising interest rates, and tightening credit room. Not only Thaco, many other companies also deeply reduced car prices. Recently, Honda continued to reduce 50% of registration fees for CR-V and City, while Hyundai reduced nearly a hundred million for Stargazer.



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