Consumer Panel (aka Panel)

Consumer Panel (aka Panel) is a group of selected research participants who have agreed to provide pre-designated information at regular specified intervals over an extended period of time. The information may be on purchasing, media consumption, or lifestyle activities.

Conjoint Analysis (aka Trade-Off Analysis)

Conjoint Analysis (aka Trade-Off Analysis) is a research technique that aims to describe how consumers make complex decisions by assuming the decisions are based on a number of factors considered jointly (hence the name) and they trade off some factors for others. The technique requires participants to choose a limited number of attributes from a […]

Confidence Level (aka Confidence Coefficient)

Confidence Level (aka Confidence Coefficient) is a percentage (usually 95%) that reflects the degree of certainty that the true value lies within the confidence interval. It is the minimum probability of not rejecting a true null hypothesis (committing a Type I error) and is equal to one minus the significance level.

Concept Testing

Concept Testing is the investigation of potential consumers’ reactions to a proposed product or service.


The concept is a description of a proposed product or service consisting of attributes and benefits. Concept Board is a board with a written description of a product idea or positioning, often accompanied by an illustration that is shown to respondents.

Coding Frame

Coding Frame sees codebook.


Coding is the organizing of responses into categories and the assignment of a unique numerical code to each response prior to data entry.

Code of Conduct (or Ethics)

Code of Conduct (or Ethics) all professional marketing research societies have a code of conduct that details the rights and responsibilities of those involved with marketing and opinion research.

Code Book (aka Coding Frame)

Code Book (aka Coding Frame) is a set of instructions regarding the allocation of codes to research data. It helps researchers identify and locate the variables to be used in data analysis.

Code and Tab Plan (aka Tab Plan)

Code and Tab Plan (aka Tab Plan) is a plan that details the column and row headings in the cross-tabulations that are produced from the data.

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