Korean electric scooter brand opens factory in Vietnam

02 Nov 2022

Korean electric motorcycle manufacturer Zio Motors opened a factory with a capacity of about 12,000 vehicles per year in Bac Ninh on October 31.

Inauguration ceremony of Zio EV electric motorcycle factory, October 31.  Photo: Zio EV

The factory is in Dai Dong Industrial Park, Hoan Son, Tien Du, Bac Ninh. It is expected that in phase one, the plant can produce on average up to 12,000 vehicles per year, equivalent to about 1,000 vehicles per month. By the second phase in 2025, investors expect to expand the factory scale to supply 300,000 to 400,000 vehicles per year to the market.

The inauguration of the factory is a milestone in the development of Zio Motors Vietnam to enhance the capacity of modern production lines to create products that meet the rigorous standards of the electric vehicle market. Guests participating in the event can experience the upcoming electric motorcycle models in Vietnam with advanced Korean technology.

Visitors visit the ZIO EV electric motorcycle factory.  Photo: Zio EV

As planned, by the end of 2022, Zio will launch high-end smart electric motorcycle product lines to promptly meet the needs of the market. Zio electric scooters are oriented to be environmentally friendly products, contributing to the general trend of the world two-wheeler industry, reducing noise pollution and emissions for the community. The brand representative affirmed that the factory has a foundation of manufacturing processes according to international standards, ensuring that each smart electric motorcycle product put on the market will meet and exceed expectations.

Using renewable energy products to help protect the environment is a worldwide trend. In Vietnam, the electric motorbike market in the past 5 years has also made a leap forward. Zio electric scooter hopes to become closer to being the favorite choice of Vietnamese consumers thanks to its outstanding advantages in terms of functionality and operation efficiency.


Source: vnexpress.net

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