Lexus recalls 64 vehicles in Vietnam

06 Feb 2023

Three models of GS350, RC200t, GS200t were recalled for replacement of fuel tank vents. Recalled units were produced from 11/9/2012 to 10/11/2017.

Lexus GS 350 nằm trong diện triệu hồi, thời gian sản xuất từ 11/9/2012-24/10/2016. Ảnh: Luxus

On February 2nd, Lexus Vietnam announced a recall to replace the fuel tank vents on GS 200t, GS 350, and RC 200t. A total of 64 vehicles were affected, including 13 units of GS 200ts, 38 of GS 350, and 13 of RC 200t. These three models were made from 11/9/2012 – 10/11/2017.

Toyota’s luxury car brand explained that the recalled vehicles are equipped with fuel tank vents, fitted through flanges. Due to their design, cracks may appear at the outer surface of the flange. Over time, cracks can spread, causing fuel to leak out. This increases risk of vehicle fire.

The fuel tank vent (including the fuel vapor controller) is a set of spare parts that prevent fuel vapors generated in the tank from escaping directly into the environment.

Lexus recommends customers whose vehicles are subject to the recall to bring the car to genuine dealers nationwide for a free replacement of the new fuel tank vent. Replacement time is about 2 hours per vehicle.



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