Listed price of Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA at the end of January 2021

26 Jan 2021

The new king of underbone, Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA, is becoming increasingly expensive to purchase, proving its attractiveness in the small-sized underbone segment in Vietnam.

Before the release of Exciter 155 VVA, the Exciter 150 was at a dull state. Many versions of the Exciter 150 used to have a lower selling price than the suggested price of millions.

But the appearance of the “rookie” Exciter 155 VVA, equipped with variable valve technology, and a new engine as desired by the fans, sparked the heat and attractiveness of the Exciter family.

Currently, according to the motorcycle market, the Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA in all versions has a higher selling price than the suggested price. This difference depends on each version, with the greatest difference of nearly 7 million VND.

The latest price list for the Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA hand-held car in the end of January 2021 as follows:

Model Suggested Prices (millions VND) Wholesaler price (millions VND)
Exciter 155 VVA Standard 46,99 49
Exciter 155 VVA Advanced 49,99 55
Exciter 155 VVA GP 50,49 57


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