Mitsubishi reveals plans to launch 16 new models

20 Mar 2023

Over the next 5 years Mitsubishi will launch up to 16 new models, including 9 hybrid and electric models.

Mitsubishi hé lộ kế hoạch ra mắt 16 mẫu xe mới

Mitsubishi has just announced its medium-term business strategy called “Challenge 2025”. Notably, the accompanying introductory video revealed 16 models in development to hit the market within the next 5 years.

The 16 models mentioned include internal combustion engine vehicles, hybrids, fully electric vehicles and span many segments consist of kei car, supermini, SUV with two-rows, SUV with three-rows, pickup truck and minivan. To realize this plan, Mitsubishi expect to increase R&D investment and strengthen cooperation with two other members of the Alliance (Renault and Nissan).

The Japanese automaker’s plans also include internal combustion engine and hybrid minivans, the Xpander hybrid will be launched next year and an exclusive new kei car model for the Japanese market.

Mitsubishi hé lộ kế hoạch ra mắt 16 mẫu xe mới

Notably, the pickup model using internal combustion engine is expected to launch as soon as this year to succeed the Mitsubishi Triton. With this model, Mitsubishi also intentionally revealed its recent characteristic headlights. It seems that the new version of the Mitsubishi Triton will share the design and chassis pattern with the other model in the same alliance, which is Nissan Navara. In addition, there is another pure electric pickup model in Mitsubishi’s plans, but there has no information yet.

Besides the new generation Triton, in this year, Mitsubishi also expect to unveil the commercial version of the XFC concept car that used to be launched at the Vietnam Auto Show 2022 held in October last year.

Mitsubishi hé lộ kế hoạch ra mắt 16 mẫu xe mới

Mitsubishi plans to manufacture the XFC at its plant in Indonesia for this market and for export, similar to the strategy for Xpander. Therefore, Mitsubishi XFC for Vietnam market is expected to be imported as completely built-up vehicle from Indonesia.

In 2025, Mitsubishi will launch a new PPV (Passenger Pickup Vehicle) model, which can be a replacement for Pajero Sport with more square design, similar to the recently revealed images of Hyundai Santa Fe.

Another Mitsubishi SUV with three-rows will also be launched in 2025 along with the Mitsubishi Xpander hybrid version and a tiny kei car. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will likely also be replaced by another hybrid powertrain-powered crossover model.

Mitsubishi expects that by 2030, about 50% of its total global sales will come from electrified models. To achieve this, the Japanese brand has invested $1.5 billion in battery development. By 2035, Mitsubishi’s product lines will consist of only electrified models.



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