Multiple models raise prices, highest difference from listed price at 26 million VND

17 Oct 2022

Many scooter models from Honda and Yamaha are still in short supply, causing high prices at dealers.

Xe máy hot đồng loạt tăng giá mạnh: Vision gần chạm ngưỡng 50 triệu đồng, Honda LEAD, SH, Wave Alpha... chênh cao nhất 26 triệu đồng - Ảnh 1.

According to a reporter’s survey, from the beginning of October, Honda motorcycle models have increased prices sharply. Accordingly, Honda SH 2022 CBS version 125i is currently being sold at a price of 83 million VND, and 96 million VND for the 150i version (an increase of 1 million VND compared to last month).

Meanwhile, SH 2022 ABS is being sold at 96 million VND for the 125i version, 120 million VND for the 150i version, and 124 million VND for the sport version (an increase of 2 – 4 million VND from the previous month). Thus, compared to the listed prices, Honda SH 2022 is being sold with a difference from 8.01 – 25.51 million VND.

Some dealers said that Honda SH 2022 is currently out of stock, especially the ABS version. Customers who want to buy the ABS version at this time will have to pay a large price difference along with a deposit.

Not only SH 2022, but the price of Honda Vision also suddenly rose again after a short period of stability. Specifically, the Standard Honda Vision 2022 is currently priced at least 37.8 million VND, while the Personality version is at 47. The High-end and Special versions are being sold at the price of 39 million and 39.5 million, respectively. Thus, compared to the company’s proposed price, the price of Honda Vision at the dealer is currently inflated by 7.6-12 million VND.

Before that, near the end of September, Honda Vision was sold by some dealers with prices ranging from 37 – 46 million VND depending on version and color, while the listed price of this model was only from 30 – 35 million VND.

Similarly, Honda LEAD is also currently being sold for VND 44-47 million, a difference of 5 million VND higher than proposed. Honda Air Blade 125 Standard and Special versions are priced from 41.5 to 42.5 million VND; Standard and Special Air Blade 150 are sold from 56 to 57 million VND, about 500,000 – 1 million higher than the suggested price.

In the cub segment, the standard Honda Wave Alpha is being sold with prices ranging from 20 to 20.5 million VND for all color options. Meanwhile, the special edition Honda Wave Alpha is currently ranging from 21 to 21.8 million VND. In addition, Honda Blade, RSX, and Future are also selling at a price higher than the proposed price by 2 – 3 million VND.

As for Yamaha, some scooter models at dealerships also received a rather high difference compared to the proposed price.

Accordingly, Yamaha Janus has a selling price ranging from VND 31 – 36 million, a difference of VND 2.5 – 4 million compared to the listed price; Yamaha Latte has a selling price of 39 – 40 million VND, inflated by 1.2 – 2.2 million VND. The new generation Yamaha Grande will be sold to dealers with a price of 48 – 53.8 million VND, 2 – 2.8 million VND higher.

According to dealers, the lack of components continues to affect the motorcycle manufacturing industry in Vietnam. Although the supply has been restored, it is not abundant while demand has increased sharply, so the price difference happens naturally.



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