Near the New Year of Tan Suu 2021, the price of motorbikes has decreased significantly

29 Jan 2021

As Lunar New Year approaches, car manufacturers continuously launch promotions and discounts for motorbikes to serve the needs of consumers.

Recently, the national mortorcycle brand Honda Vietnam has launched series of promotion and discount campaign for motorcycle. Especially, for the Honda Air Black model, Honda Vietnam ran a discount campaign for Air Blade 125 and Air Blade 150 in January.

Accordingly, both versions of Honda Air Blade are directly discounted by 1 million on the official price. After applying the discount, the initial price of Air Black version 125 Standard is only 40,2 million VND and version 125 Special cost only 41,4 million VND.

In addition, Honda Air Blade 150 has the selling price for 2 version standard and special are 50,2 million and 55,4 million, respectively. Honda Vision is also applied the promotion, resulting in recent prices varying form 29,9 – 34,49 million dong per unit.


Many popular motorcycle models are directly discounted in price

For the purpose of stimulating the demand in the market, many brands have launched new models to the market, especially before the Lunar New Year 2021. Typically, Piaggio Vespa Sprint and GTS “Racing Sixties” at 94,9 to 135 million/unit or Yamaha Motor launched  their underbone Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA with the price range 46,9-49,9 million/unit.

Notably, right after its launch, Exciter 150 was also given a preferential offer of 5 million VND to customers when bought from Yamaha Vietnam. Currently, the selling price of this model fluctuates at 42-44 million VND.

In detail, Exciter 150 version RC has a new price of 42 million, version GP is 42,5 million. The limited version and Douxou have the same price at 43 million VND. The Yamaha MotoGP Monster Energy version has the highest prices is 44 million VND.

Unlike many scooters that directly discount on the selling price, Suzuki Vietnam supports 5 million VND for registration fees for customers buying Suzuki GSX-R150 models.

According to statistics of the Vietnam Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (VAMM), for the whole year 2020, sales decreased continuously in the four quarters of 2020.

Specifically, in 2020, there were 2,7 million of motorcycles sold in the market. This number decreased by nearly 17% compare to 2019, corresponding to about 300,000 vehicles.

Although, Honda Vietnam was the “king” in sales in 2020 when they sold 2.142.564 units, but this number still decreased by 16,7% in comparation to 2019. For Yamaha Vietnam, the revenue was downed by 16%; SYM decrease over 20%; Piaggio Vietnam declined only slightly.

Experts reveal that motorcycle market in Vietnam is in the saturated stage, with no strong growth. In addition, the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic also caused consumers to limit their spending, and the demand for motorbikes dropped sharply.


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