Newly launched Honda WINNER X: Durable and powerful clutch motorbike, priced from VND 50 million

14 Nov 2022

On November 11, Honda Vietnam Company officially introduced the WINNER X sports version with new stamps and colors.

Launched for the first time in the middle of 2019, the WINNER X model, which is likened to a mysterious X-factor of the new generation, powerful and outstanding clutch line, brings users many breakthrough experiences.

The motorbike is expected to create a new generation of manual clutch, dominating the passions and emotions of customers who love this motorbike.

WINNER X 2022 version launched with a more personality, sporty and youthful appearance. The new WINNER X impresses with its eye-catching color design and stamps inspired by the color scheme on the CBR1000RR-R version 2022: the bodywork with a red background and a harmonious blue-and-white stamp attracts all. In this new version, the “X substance” is also highlighted with a new design on the rims, changed from black to high-grade copper gold to help bring a luxurious and youthful look, contributing to the quality of the car. sport for the driver.

The design maintains a sharp seamlessness from back to front, along with sharp V-shaped cuts with a unique color scheme to give the front of a solid and aerodynamic appearance. The leg-shield owns aerodynamically designed air vents like those on the sports motorcycle model, highlighting the sporty and youthful impression of the model. The rear is designed to be slim, super sporty, bringing a youthful image and speed.

Regarding the engine, the new WINNER X sports version maintains a powerful 150cc, DOHC, 6-speed, liquid-cooled engine block that produces a maximum capacity of 11.5kW/9,000 rpm, extreme torque 13.5Nm/6,500 rpm, helping the driver confidently conquer all roads. With a high-performance engine, WINNER X not only delivers strong acceleration in the low-speed range (from 0 to 200m in just 10.9 seconds) but also smooth in the high-speed range, thereby bringing excitement for the driver.

In addition to its outstanding appearance and impressive engine, WINNER X also won the hearts of customers by maintaining many modern equipment.

The SMART Key system helps locate the vehicle and unlock it remotely, bringing convenience to users. Continuing to be equipped like the previous Special and Sport versions, the new Winner X sports version is still equipped with a USB type A charging port with a waterproof cover to support the driver, especially on long distances.



The chain with O-ring seal (Seal chain) saves time on daily vehicle maintenance even when driving on long distances, while increasing the durability of the chain and helping the vehicle operate more smoothly.

The compact modern speed meter offers excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. With ABS maintained on the front wheels, the new Sport version is believed to continue to bring a safety feeling of mind on every journey.

WINNER X sports version will have a 3-color option, officially on the market from November 25 through HEADs stores nationwide with warranty period of 3 years or 30,000 km whichever comes first. The suggested retail price of the motorbike is VND 50.560 million.



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