Closing the starting price of the auto license plate auction at 40 million VND

21 Nov 2022

Congress has decided the starting price and the reservation fee of an auctioned license plate at 40 million VND, price step is 5 million VND.

Biển số xe có năm số trùng nhau, đứng vị trí số một trong những loại biển đẹp tại Việt Nam. Ảnh: CTV

On the afternoon of November 15, with 473/489 delegates voting in agreement (nearly 95%), the Congress passed a resolution on piloting the auction of car license plates.

The number plates to put up for auction have white background with black letters and numbers. Organizations and individuals may participate in auctions of provinces and cities across the country. The money collected after deducting organizational expenses will be remitted to the central budget. Auction will be taken online.

The Ministry of Public Security that organizes asset auctions is responsible for publishing unregistered and new license plates of automobiles on:

  • The National Property Auction Portal,
  • The Ministry of Public Security’s web portal,
  • The Ministry of Public Security’s website,
  • Traffic Police Department’s electronic, information, and
  • The online website of the auction organizations.

Auction winners are allowed to register number plates with their cars, to keep the license plate in case the car is lost or damaged or transferred, exchanged, or donated for registration to another vehicle under his/her ownership within 12 months from the time of damage or transferred.

The auction winner pays the full amount within 15 days from the date of approval of the auction result and must register to affix the plate on the vehicle within 12 months. In cases of unresolvable difficulties, the payment duration may be extended but not exceeding 6 months. After the specified time limit, the auction winner who does not register a car to their number plate will have the number plate revoked and the paid amount will not be refunded.

Auction winners may not transfer, exchange, donate, or inherit the winning number plate, except for the case of transfer, exchange, gift, or inheritance of the car with the winning number plate.

After the expiration of the pilot period, the auction winner, the recipient of the transfer, exchange, gift, or inheritance of the car with the winning number plate attached to the auction will continue to exercise the above-said rights, except in the case of law or decree stating otherwise.


Continued issuance of license plates with tails 49, 53

Chairman of the Committee for National Defense and Security Toi Le said that the pilot auction of car license plates is to meet the actual demand for license plates according to the people’s personal wishes. The auction contributes to increasing revenue for the budget and preventing negative effects in license plate issuance.

The introduction of criteria to determine the list of beautiful and unique number plates is not feasible and difficult to manage. Therefore, the Resolution stipulates that the number plates selected by registered organizations and individuals will be put up for auction.

This Resolution takes effect from July 1, 2023, and will be implemented for 3 years.



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