Piaggio Vietnam launches Medley S 150cc Special Edition at VND 98.9 million

27 Oct 2021

On October 27, 2021, Piaggio Vietnam officially launched the Piaggio Medley S 150cc Special Edition in stylish Green Bosco, a popular color on super sports cars.

The special edition Medley S 150 is the perfect combination of Italian-class design and performance. Medley S 150cc is equipped with a modern LED and digital LCD screen, Piaggio MIA connection system, and bike finder. In terms of powertrain, the bike comes with 150cc 4-valve i-get engine, electronic fuel injection, liquid-cooled, temporary Start & Stop system, dual-channel ABS brakes, and a large trunk.

Piaggio Medley S 150cc special edition has unique features of the Piaggio series, 3D honeycomb grille design with a sporty and impressive red border. Matte black windshield highlights the strong, sporty beauty of Green Bosco paint. The new Italian flag stamp design running along the body is a subtle highlight, showing meticulous attention to detail.

With modern lines and subtle accents, the special edition offers advanced technology and features. Medley S 150cc will be a perfect scooter for any journey, be it in the city or on the road.

Piaggio Medley S Sport – Delicate Italian design with multiple usability features

On the sporty Medley S version, the brake calipers are painted in gold, while the brake discs harmonize with the 5-spoke wheels painted in black, highlighting more prominent red details on the shock absorbers, the stamp on the rim, and the red chrome border. The red thread on the saddle create a harmonious and personal overall design for the Medley S.

The all-new 2-level LED cluster employs a masculine design, significantly improving visibility for the driver to help increase the active safety of the vehicle. Both the front and rear position lights are equipped with LEDs that make operating easier in all conditions.

The LCD digital dashboard has a modern and convenient design, allowing you to find out all necessary information about the journey and operating status of the vehicle quickly and in detail. The space of the trunk is up to 36 liters, suitable for two ¾-type helmets. The storage compartment on the front of the scooter has a USB port for charging smartphones.

Piaggio Medley – the leading scooter in safety: strong frame and chassis, easy handling

Piaggio Medley’s load-bearing structures uses reinforced steel tubes, contributing to the overall strength of the vehicle, ensuring a low and convenient seating position for the driver.

The front shock absorber features a 33mm in diameter with cylindrical fork design, while the rear suspension system includes two hydraulic telescopic springs with 5 adjustable positions. This design is combined with large aluminum alloy wheel rims (16” front wheel and 14” rear wheel) with a powerful five-spoke design to ensure user comfort and enhance traction.

The braking system includes two disc brakes with diameters of 260 and 240mm. Both come with a standard two-channel ABS. Each wheel has a sensor and a speed reading disc that allows immediate detection of changes in speed. The sensors communicate with a two-channel hydraulic control unit, which activates the ABS if one of the wheels decelerates suddenly. The sensors avoid locking the brakes to ensure stability even on low-friction road surfaces. Medley 2020 is also equipped with a tilt sensor, a safety device that deactivates the system to turn the engine on and off temporarily (Start & Stop). In case of falling, the engine will turn off.

Powerful, quiet, and fuel-efficient Piaggio i-get engine

The sporty Piaggio Medley S is equipped with a 150cc 4-stroke, 4-valve, electronic fuel injection, and liquid-cooled i-get engine – Piaggio’s most advanced engine generation. The machine is capable of achieving outstanding quality, reliability, while being environmentally friendly. The electronic fuel injection and liquid cooling system are capable of maximizing performance while minimizing fuel consumption and emissions.

Piaggio Medley logically combines modern values ​​of technology and style – the compactness of a city scooter combined with the dynamism of a large-wheel scooter and the convenience of a long-journey scooter. It blends usability, technical innovation, and Italian beauty. This fully meets the needs of users looking for new superior features aside from mobility in a motorcycle. Piaggio Medley cleverly combines the benefits of a large-wheeled scooter frame, while ensuring easier handling and greater traction than small-wheeled scooters. The model is the perfect combination of balanced design, high safety, and effective use.

Source: xehay.vn

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