Price difference at 10 million VND, how do Honda Vario 125 and 150 differ?

14 Nov 2022

With a higher price, Honda Vario 150 has more color choices, more equipment, and a more powerful engine than Vario 125.


Honda Vario 125 and 150 are manufactured and imported into Vietnam market from Indonesia, Honda Vario is currently the most noticeable model in the mid-range scooter segment. Two popular versions are available on the market, the Honda Vario 125 and 150, designed to target male customers with a love for sports and powerful scooter.

Not only in design, the Honda Vario series is also popular with users thanks to its capacity and smooth and quiet operation, very suitable for the terrain and travel needs in Vietnam.

Choosing to buy Vario 125 or add money to buy Vario 150 is probably one of the questions that many people are interested in. In the following article, we will compare Vario 125 and 150 to help customers realize the difference between these two models.

In terms of appearance, Honda Vario 125 and 150 both have a strong and personal design, the only difference is that the Vario 150 is painted in more beautiful colors such as White, matte red, silver, and matte black. And vario 125 only has 3 main colors: white, red, dark gray.

The wheel of the 150 series is also more beautiful with a 5-spoke dual-spoke form, while the 125 series is still using the wheel style of the previous version.

The most valuable point is that the 150 version is equipped with a Smart key, while for the Vario 125 is just a normal key.

Regarding power, Vario 150 is equipped with a 150-cc engine, for a maximum capacity of 9.7 kW (equivalent to 13 hp) at 8,500 rpm, while Vario 125 is equipped with a 125cc engine for a maximum power of 8.2 kW (equivalent to 11 hp) at 8,500 rpm.

With a difference of 2 horsepower, the acceleration of Vario 150 is also faster than the Vario 125 version, which will give a more exciting driving feeling.

In terms of fuel economy, Vario 125 has a fuel consumption of 55km / l according to Euro 3 standards. And it takes only 12.4 seconds to complete the distance of 200m from the starting position and reach a maximum speed of 96 km/h.

Meanwhile, Vario 150 has fuel consumption at 1.89 liters/100 km. And it takes 11.9 seconds to complete the 200m distance from the starting position and reach a maximum speed of 102 km/h.

The price of these two versions varies from 7 to 10 million VND/vehicle. Currently, the price of Honda Vario 125 ranges from 49.9 to 52.2 million VND depending on the version and Vario 150 is priced at 56.9 – 62.5 million VND.



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