Recalling nearly 500 units of Mercedes GLE in Vietnam

10 Mar 2023

On the GLE, water can enter and accumulate in the rear spare wheel cavity, causing damage to the fuel pump control unit.

A GLE 2019 model in Vietnam.  Photo: Luong Dung

Mercedes Vietnam said it will recall 492 ML units (the name of GLE before 2015) and GLE from March 15 to fix errors related to the design in the spare wheel compartment. The affected vehicles are all imported and manufactured in the period of February 2012 – October 2019.

The reason for this recall is that water can seep into the rear area of ​​the vehicle and, over time, accumulate in the spare wheel cavity. In some cases, accumulated water can come into contact with the fuel pump controls and cause malfunction.

When the fuel supply to the engine is affected, the vehicle’s engine may stop working without warning. This increases the risk of accident or injury to other road users.

Genuine Mercedes Vietnam dealers will check and fix faulty vehicles free of charge. The solution was to install an additional drain valve in the spare wheel compartment for affected vehicles as a precaution. Repair time is about 30 minutes/car.

This recall in Vietnam belongs to the joint recall program of parent company Mercedes AG. Therefore, not only semi-genuine cars, but ML (type number 166) and GLE (type number 292) manufactured and imported into Vietnam in the form of property transfer, diplomatic or personal reasons, or imported by other companies are subject to a recall as announced by Mercedes AG. If required, authorized Mercedes dealers will contact drivers to check information and repair free of charge under the recall program.

Mercedes GLE is a mid-size luxury SUV, first launched in 1997. Cars sold in Vietnam in imported form, competing with rivals such as BMW X5, Lexus RX, and Audi Q7 … GLE is currently priced at 4.509- 5.679 billion VND.



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