SH Mode increases price by 3 million VND per unit as Lunar New Year draws near

23 Jan 2022

With the Lunar New Year 2022 around the corner, scooter model SH Mode raises its price by 3 million VND due to high demand.

Giá xe Honda SH Mode 2022 bất ngờ đảo chiều cận Tết, bất chấp Honda SH,  Vision ồ ạt giảm giá

Unlike other models that are racing to reduce prices to stimulate demand at the end of the year, Honda SH Mode has increased the selling price due to higher demand at the end of the year.

According to a survey by PV, SH Mode in Ho Chi Minh city now ranges from VND 62-75 million.

Specifically, the standard version of SH Mode 2022 models costs 63.8 million, of which the black color is cheaper at 62 million.

For SH Mode 2022 high-end version, ABS version costs 69.9 million VND, while the fashion version costs 68.8 million VND.

SH Mode 2022 Special Edition costs from 72.9-74.5 million VND, depending on the color of the product.


Prior, SH Mode had a lower price by 3 million VND. For example, in Hanoi, Honda SH Mode cost 59.25-67.75 million VND. Meanwhile, that in HCMC was higher, ranging from 60.49 to 70.19 million VND.

In contrast to SH Mode, other motorcycle models are being discounted by dealers to stimulate shopping demand near Lunar New Year. Some of the deeply discounted are Honda Air Blade, Vision, Lead…



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