Summary of fines and errors causing possible registration denial

03 Jan 2023

According to statistics from the Motor Vehicle Inspection Department of the Vietnam Registry, there have been more than thousands of vehicles denied registration for the first time due to various problems.

Vehicles will be denied registration if:

  1. Vehicle operator brings insufficient paperwork when upon registry

According to regulations, necessary documents when carrying out procedures for registration renewal include: Vehicle registration (original), or a copy of vehicle registration certified by the holding bank or financial leasing organization, or an appointment letter for vehicle registration; A valid certificate of civil liability insurance of the vehicle owner (the original), and a certificate of quality, technical safety, and environmental protection of the renovated vehicle (for newly renovated vehicles).


  1. The vehicle penalty fee is not fully paid

According to Circular 16 and Circular 15, one of the conditions to be registered is that the vehicle owner must complete the payment of fines within 20 days from the date of sending the notice.


After this time limit, if the violator does not come to the head office of the traffic police to reconcile, the person with the sanctioning competence will send a warning notice of the violating vehicle to the registry for inclusion in the warning software. Vehicle owners will be denied registration until the fine is paid.


  1. Vehicle structure is changed

Expanding cargo boxes with a height exceeding standard specifications (a common mistake in cargo trucks), changing the body kit, and using tires that are not the right size or do not meet specifications (including trailers and semi-trailers). In addition, the installation of additional lighting will also cause the vehicle to be refused registration. In addition to being denied registration, the vehicle owner is also at risk of being fined by the traffic police for the misconduct of changing the vehicle structure.


  1. Operator installed more seats (for vans)

The installation of additional seats on the van will also cause the vehicle owner to be denied registration. In addition, during traffic, if detected by the traffic police, the car owner will be fined from 6-8 million VND and forced to remedy the situation by removing the rear seats to return to the state of the car of the manufacturer.



  1. Ther is no installation of a cruise monitoring device

This regulation is for transport business vehicles (according to Decree 91/2009 on business and conditions for transport business by car). Accordingly, if the transport business vehicle is required to install monitoring equipment, the vehicle owner needs to comply. Otherwise, the vehicle will be refused inspection.


  1. Car color is changed

Vehicles that are painted completely new, different from the original color of the manufacturer, using decal stickers will also be refused registration. When participating in traffic, vehicle owners will also be fined 600,000-800,000 VND for violating the error of changing the original paint color and vehicle structure.



Penalties for cars overdue for registration

According to Decree 123/2021/ND-CP, vehicle drivers with certificates or stamps of technical safety and environmental protection that have expired for less than 1 month will be fined from 3-4 million VND, and from 4-6 million VND for the case of expiry from 1 month or more.

In addition to fines, drivers with expired certificates or stamps of technical safety and environmental protection will have their driving licenses revoked for 1-3 months.

For vehicle owners, a fine of 4-8 million VND (individual) or 8-12 million VND (organization) is applied to vehicles with an expired certificate or stamp of technical safety inspection for less than 1 month.

A fine of VND 6-8 million (for individual vehicle owners) or VND 12-16 million (for vehicle owners being organizations) is applied to a vehicle with a certificate or stamp of technical safety inspection with expiry date from 1 month or more in traffic.



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