SYM launches CROX RX 150 2021 scooter

07 Sep 2021

With an impressive design and equipment, it is expected that CROX RX 150 2021 will compete directly with Honda ADV150.

Not only is it familiar to Vietnamese consumers, SYM is also a popular motorcycle brand in Europe. SYM’s vehicles always possess impressive designs combined with modern technologies at affordable prices to compete in the market. And recently, the Taiwanese manufacturer has launched their latest product: CROX RX 150 2021.

SYM CROX RX 150 2021 is a versatile scooter, but more suitable for traveling on the street with a compact design, a unique front mask that comes with a high chassis, and a comfortable footrest. The wide riding angle also helps bring flexibility to the CROX RX 150 2021.

The entire lighting system on the bike employs LED technology to ensure lighting efficiency and durability. In addition, the control gauge is fully digital with an easy-to-observe interface to help users easily grasp the vehicle’s condition. CROX RX 150 2021 is also equipped with a convenient USB charging port to charge smartphones.

In terms of power, CROX RX 150 2021 is equipped with a 149.6cc SOHC single-cylinder engine block by SYM. This engine block produces a maximum capacity of up to 11.1 horsepower and a max torque of 11.5 Nm. Along with the compact design, this engine block offers flexible mobility to the user.

SYM’s new scooter also comes with telescopic forks at the front, and double springs in the back. CROX RX 150 2021 has single disc brakes for both wheels. However, there is no ABS. Rim size stands at 12 inches. Currently, SYM has not announced the official selling price of CROX RX 150 2021.


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