30 Dec 2019

THACO has just exported a batch of 15 buses to Philippines market. This is the first batch in a 200-unit deal the company has made for 2020.

Prior, from 2017, THACO and Autodelta (Philippines) has conducted researches and surveys on the nation’s market to design and develop a customer-based product. Until 5/2019, THACO had competed 2 new bus models to ship there for test runs and were approved by Philippines partner. This is a never-before-seen model designed by THACO Bus’s very own R&D, with a localization rate of over 45%, employing Euro5-certified engine issued by Volvo (Sweden).

On 24/12/2019, THACO exported to Myanmar 120 Kia Cerato Deluxe edition units that are made at THACO Chu Lai – Quang Nam Industrial Park; their partner at the time was Super Seven Stars Motors Industry Co., Ltd (SSS), who has a headquarter in Yangon-Myanmar. SSS is the exclusive manufacturer and distributer of Kia vans in Myanmar, manufacturing and selling models from Peugeot, SsangYong and even buses.

Kia Cerato passenger cars have localized components produced at supporting industrial plants in THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park such as: body, seats, bumpers, electrical wires, doors, bonnet, trunks, exhaust pipes, air conditioner, AVN (audio-visual equipment and car navigation) …

The exterior of the vehicle including the body, chassis, mechanical components, composite components and its interior are designed and manufactured in Chu Lai. According to announcements from THACO, they have increased the localization rate of buses to over 60%, of trucks to 40%, and passenger cars on  an average of 25%, of which some passenger car models were over 40%, meeting the Regional Value Content (RVC) criteria to benefit from the 0% rate of preferential import tax under the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA Agreement).

Also on this occasion, THACO exported parts and accessories including air conditioning rig, seat covers, car travel gear covers and airport luggage trolleys to Korea and Japan. Said components are manufactured in chairs, air-conditioners factories and mechanical complexes at THACO Industrial Park.

Particularly for car seats, THACO’S representative informed that they have started exporting products to partners and manufacturers such as KIA, Hyundai, Honda … Expected export plan for 2020 is 110,000 sets.

For gear-wrap products, in 2019, 550,000 sets were produced and exported to South Korea for Hyundai and KIA. Projected in 2020, 900,000 sets will be delivered. For air-conditioner rigs, THACO annually exports over 50,000 units to Korea. The total export output in 2019 is 71,000 sets, and 110,000 sets are projected to be exported in 2020.

Prior, this unit also exported a batch of KIA Cerato to Myanmar. Mr. Tran Ba Duong, Chairman of THACO’s Board of Directors, claimed that in the near future, products would be exported to other markets such as Thailand or Singapore …


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