19 Aug 2020

Consumers are looking forward to positive changes from Honda

While the Yamaha Exciter 155VVA is still not released, Winner hasy7 continuously made improvements in a short time and on August 22, a completely new version of Winner X will be r eleased.

In particular, Honda recently released a video announcing an event that will take place on August 22, and the highlight in the video is the image of its clutch. The image is quite fast and unclear, so we do not know if Winner X coming soon has any difference from the previous one, so we have to wait until August 22.

Winner X was first released by Honda in July 2019 and was hot in the market with the addition of ABS Anti-lock braking system for front wheel. In addition, Winner X is also equipped with a 149.1cc DOHC engine that produces a maximum capacity of 15.4 Hp at 9000 rpm and maximum torque of 13.5 Nm at 6000 rpm. Along with that is a modern LCD speedometer displaying a full range of parameters.

However, after the first few months, Winner X quickly fell into a slump due to the not really positive reviews of users about the instability of ABS and discrete cover. In addition, the price pushed up also makes users bored. Recently, Honda Winner X even has a tens of million dong lower price than the list price.

Therefore, users want the upcoming generation of Winner X to be improved errors and satisfies cutsomers during usage. In particular, there will be no pushed up price so that users can buy Winner X at its list price.


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